5 Easy Ways To Transform Your Builder Grade Home

5 Easy Ways To Transform Your Builder Grade Home

5 easy ways to transform your builder grade home. Montreal interior designers & decorators

Feeling uninspired by all the cookie-cutter elements in your home?  New builds often lack character and charm mostly due to the fact that builders look to cut cost. Here are 5 easy ways that will instantly transform your home and give it that customized, personal feel you are looking for.

1- Lighting

Lighting is huge in transforming any interior. We usually change lighting fixtures in every area of the home. It not only helps to add value, but it can really make a space feel like yours. To start, you can look to upgrade the fixtures in some of the rooms that you spend the most time in such as the dining room and kitchen.  

Other rooms where new fixtures can make a big impact are bathrooms, powder rooms, and our favorite, the master bedroom. Upgraded lighting can really make your bedroom feel more luxurious.

2- Mirrors

There is no denying that the builder grade mirrors in bathrooms do provide functionality, but it is also true that they lack character and personality. You can really add a tailored, designer feel to your bathrooms by simply switching out the mirrors. It is an easy, inexpensive way to elevate the look and feel of any bathroom or powder room. 

3- Wall Details

Your walls are a blank canvas and you can add great interest and dimension to any room of your home by adding wallpaper, moldings and shiplap.  Try this in your master bedroom, your dining room or living room, and even in small spaces like powder rooms where there aren't too many places to add personal touches. You will feel that your home will feel more personal to you and your decor and style preferences. 

4- Art

Get art up on the walls! Art is such a dynamic way to add personality and make your home more inviting. You don't have to place art on every wall, but try to include art in every room.

 To start, you can place art in key areas like your dining and living room. From there, you can move to your master bedroom and then slowly work into other rooms. 

5- Drapery

A room instantly becomes more cozy as soon as you add some drapery. It is a simple way to make a room look more elegant and feel more beautiful. It also adds some functionality as well. 

You can use room darkening drapes in your bedroom to help you sleep better, and light filtering fabrics in your living spaces where you prefer to have natural light filtering through, yet still have some privacy.  

There are so many options on the market and all at different price points. You can find many ready made options in different colors and prints, or you can go the custom route and create something totally spectacular & tailored to you.  It is by far one of the most effective ways to really finish a room and pull a design together. Drapery are the lipstick of decorating. :) 

You can take your home from ordinary to extraordinary by implementing all or some of these simple upgrades. Embellish cleverly and take it one project at a time. This way you can slowly create the home you always wanted.



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